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Mike and the boys were here early and took the balance of the junk in the backyard that I didn't get out in the dumpster last week. They were ahead of schedule, so-called to see if they could come early and I was more than happy to oblige them. The three young men who came out whipped the place into shape. They were all very nice and got right to work. They had it all sorted out in no time. I felt sorry for them because some of that stuff had been there for some time. I do appreciate their hard work and dedication to getting the job done, plus they were all extremely nice and friendly.   I posted on my Facebook page also and recommended you to anyone who had junk to get rid of.     Thank you so much, as it was a major mess for me to have had to handle. A definite 10 stars.   
Eileen H. of Meridian, ID
Monday, June 13th
Testimonial Photo by Holly C.
True experience - not sponsored - self paid for - just real life review!   We recently had to make the choice to move my elderly father-in-law to assisted living care because as you can see in these images he wasn't take care of himself in a very safe or healthy way on top of being diagnosed with dementia. It was a very overwhelming task to deal with what was left behind in his Caldwell home that he no longer needed or wanted.I called @junkluggersoftreasurevalley and they came out, gave me a free estimate and got to work in just a few days. They separated things into trash, recyclable, donations and keep. It was incredible to come back and see what they had accomplished in just a few hours. It literally made me cry because it was such an emotional process and they had handled it all from start to finish. The sense of relief was huge. I felt so comfortable with them and I appreciated their compassion, kindness, professionalism and working hands! It's so hot outside and I know this wasn't a fun job.They also took everything to either the dump, the recycling place or donation drop offs and even emailed me the donation receipts! Which saved me so much time and stress!I cannot recommend them high enough if you are in the need for any "junk" removal. Big or small they do it all!Follow them at @junkluggersoftreasurevalley or call 208-502-8116 for your free estimate! They serve most of the Treasure Valley!Thank you so much 🤍
Holly C. of Caldwell, ID
Friday, August 5th
Oh my gosh - this business was a miracle that came to our rescue. I have been trying to get my home prepped and ready to sell but I just had not de-junked my life in more than 16 years. I have had them to our home with 3 loads so far and each employee that has been there has been a 10/10, all polite, all showed amazing work ethics, care about what they were doing, great suggestions each time they were there.   They took one load of mostly trash, that they helped me load into their green truck! Then they took metal items to be recycled. They took large pieces of furniture to be donated to The Idaho Youth Ranch (which was my first choice to donate items to but with the horrible fire recently they have not been able to accept donations.) I have recommended JunkLuggers to several other people as we have been so pleased at how well they have helped us!!!! Would I recommend them 100%.
Beverlee F. of Middleton, ID
Wednesday, August 24th
My husband and I are getting up their in years and we live outside of Mountain Home which as you know is a ways outside of Boise.  We really needed some help in our effort to get rid of some of the items we had accumulated over the years.  We were ecstatic to learn that the Junkluggers would come all the way out to our home from the Boise area to help us as we had looked in our area and couldn't find any service close by to assist.  The team was professional, prompt and careful.  We had some big items, like a Universal weight lifting unit, a big corner desk, a vanity and a dresser.  The Junkluggers showed up with 3 young men to disassemble the gym and get everything moved out of our home without causing damage to anything.  The then donated the items and promptly sent us a donation receipt!  I would highly recommend this company for anyone looking for some extra help! 
Sue D. of Mountain Home, ID
Thursday, April 14th
The Junkluggers crew was extremely helpful. They were going to try and come up on a day where we had received a bunch of snow and the roads weren't all that great.  They called me and I told them that we should reschedule.  They put me on the schedule the following day and the luggers called when they were an hour out.  They arrived right when they said they would.  They did the work quickly and completely.  We were very excited that they were willing to come out to Horseshoe Bend!  We will have them out again!
Anna M. of Horseshoe Bend, ID
Thursday, May 12th
Testimonial Photo by Latoya H.
We had some remnants of our move that had been sitting in our garage for some time.  We booked the Junkluggers and had a great experience.  Mike kept us informed and stayed in communication with me regarding my appointment.  They called me and let me know that they were going to be later than expected and then called me a bit later to let me know they were 20 minutes out.  They took our old cardboard boxes and recycled them and they donated our bikes to a local charity.  Working with the Junkluggers was so easy!
Latoya H. of Boise, ID
Tuesday, January 18th
Our company had a rental that had new tenants moving into our property in two days.  I called the Junkluggers and they were quick to respond by fitting us on their schedule the next day.  Our team was onsite to welcome the new renters and we were impressed with the responsiveness and the work the  Junkluggers did to make the transition so quick!
Tara H. of Boise, ID
Tuesday, October 12th
Testimonial Photo by Lisa C.
We were called in to help with a Condo that would soon be listed and sold.  There was a working washer and dryer in the condo that needed to be removed.  The client said "The two gentlemen that showed up were polite and professional and did a through job, even sweeping up the space they just cleaned out.  They were a delight to work with and they sent me a donation receipt later that day! The Junkluggers is awesome!"
Lisa C. of Boise, ID
Tuesday, July 12th
We had some large pieces of concrete in our yard that were very unsightly.  They were big and bulky. The Junkluggers showed up at our place on time and were ready to work.  They cleaned up the material expeditiously and did a great job.  There is no way I would have been able to load these pieces of concrete.  Job well done! 
Dick B. of Boise, ID
Thursday, October 14th
Testimonial Photo by Mary R.
Mary and her husband have spent the last 12 years outside the country teaching English as a second language in Europe.  They bought a house in the southwest part of Boise and had all their belongings moved into their garage.  Mary's husband is getting up there in years and his health prevents him from helping her unpack.  She reached out to us last week to come remove the moving boxes they had unpacked.  They had them outside their garage and in the garage.  She had a few other things that she wanted to get rid of so we took all of those and items and donated them while recycling all the cardboard boxes.     Mary was so happy with the work we did and commented how quickly we worked that she called us back this week for another visit.  Once again she was grateful for our help in cleaning up her garage.  She said that we worked hard and fast and appreciated the fact that we swept up the garage after our work was done!
Mary R. of Boise, ID
Thursday, July 7th
I had some junk sitting in my garage that I had planned to haul to the dump for the past few months.  It had been sitting there taking up space and my wife had been asking me to get it taken care of.  I had every intention of removing it myself but the busy schedule of a small business owner made it very difficult.  I called upon The Junkluggers and they came at a time that was convenient for me (Saturday morning) and quickly got my junk loaded into their truck and hauled it away.  It was so efficient that I know I will call The Junkluggers the next time I need help!
Monte F. of Kuna, ID
Monday, November 1st
I have used the Junkluggers two times now.  They do such a great job of communicating with me, calling before they come to let me know that they will be at my house very soon.  When they arrive they are transparent about their price and what they can do with my items.  Fortunately they have been able to donate a few things but recycle all of my other items.  When they show up they work hard and they are so pleasant to have at our home.  We wish them good fortune. 
Linda C. of Eagle, ID
Wednesday, November 24th
Testimonial Photo by Leah S.
My husband and I are preparing for a move.  We are just getting our house listed and ready to sell.  We needed to clear some of the unwanted clutter to make our home show better.  Our relocation company introduced us to the Junkluggers.  We were very happy with the service we received.  They were very good about communicating with us, letting us know when they were about 20 minutes from our house then checking in once they arrived.  They were very thorough in making sure they understood what I wanted done and when they had their truck loaded up, they swept my garage and checked in again with me to make sure they took everything I wanted them to.  Later that day they sent me the donation receipt where they donated my items to a local charity.  I was very impressed! 
Leah S. of Meridian, ID
Monday, October 25th
Testimonial Photo by Alex C.
We were delighted with the customer service that Anthony and Mike provided from the their initial phone call to let us know what time they would be arriving to the time they pulled out of the driveway.  They were professional, courteous and thoughtful.  We had a very nice conversation and they were so pleasant.  They quickly got to work and loaded up our old couch and chair into their truck and hauled it away.  I would recommend them to anyone! 
Alex C. of Meridian, ID
Thursday, February 3rd
My refrigerator went out yesterday and I bought a replacement and installed it last night.  The old refrigerator was a commercial refrigerator with the motor and compressor on top.  Needless to say it was very heavy.  I was very pleased with how The Junkluggers moved it so efficiently out of my house but also how quickly they were able to do it.  I called the appointment center and they had a crew out here within 60 minutes of my call.  They were quick and efficient and got that heavy thing out of my house!
jonathan G. of Star, ID
Thursday, December 9th
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