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Furniture Removal - Boise, ID

Furniture Removal - Boise, ID

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Furniture Removal - Boise, ID Furniture Removal - Boise, ID

Do you need a reputable Junk Removal company to handle your Furniture Removal?  Look no further than The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley!  We are the best Haul Away Service in Boise! What makes us the best?  We will donate items just like this so someone else can enjoy it just as you did!

Furniture Removal - Boise, ID

Furniture Removal - Boise, ID

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Furniture Removal - Boise, ID Furniture Removal - Boise, ID

Don in East Boise gave the Junkluggers a call because he was referred to us by one of our donation partners. Don was updating many of his home furnishings and the furniture he was replacing was still in really great shape. It was durable and would stand the test of time. We were happy to help him move his furniture to make way for his new furniture. All of this was donated to a local charity where they can sell it in one of their stores. Thank you Don!

Junk Removal - Boise, ID

Junk Removal - Boise, ID

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Junk Removal - Boise, ID Junk Removal - Boise, ID

Are you looking for an eco-friendly junk hauling experience?  Look no further!  We helped this customer out by recycling many items that they had sitting outside and only bringing a fraction of the items to the landfill! 

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I had a rental that needed some cleanup done around it STAT as new renters were moving taking over the house...
Testimonial by Tara H. from Boise, ID
The Junkluggers are Awesome!
Testimonial by Lisa C. from Boise, ID
Large unsightly pieces of concrete.
Testimonial by Dick B. from Boise, ID

Boise’s junk removal specialists

The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley is Boise, ID’s trusted company for all things junk removal. From furniture pickup to e-waste recycling, we’ve got you covered! Our specialists are dependable, efficient, and committed to our sustainability mission. They do everything in their power to ensure that clients’ unwanted items don’t wind up in a local landfill, which is why they donate, recycle, and otherwise ethically dispose of these goods. We offer the following eco-friendly junk removal services and more in Boise:

  • Junk removal
  • Appliance removal
  • Attic, garage & basement cleanouts
  • Curbside junk pickup
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Commercial junk removal
  • E-waste recycling
  • Hoarding cleanouts
  • Labor only services
  • Storage unit cleanouts
  • Storm & disaster cleanup

Ready to begin your junk removal project? Allow us to help! Contact us today at 1-844-582-0958 or complete the provided form to schedule your free junk removal estimate. We are delighted to serve Boise, ID and areas nearby in Ada County.

Reliable furniture pickup services in Boise

Looking to get rid of that outdated entertainment center, but not looking forward to the removal process? Furniture removal can be a real hassle, which is why we offer expert furniture removal services to clients in and around Boise. Our professionals will seamlessly maneuver your unwanted furniture through and out of your home or business, and then make every effort to find new homes for your unwanted furniture.

Skip the stress of furniture removal when you partner with The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley. Give us a call today at 1-844-582-0958 or fill out the form below to schedule your free furniture removal estimate!

E-waste recycling experts serving Boise

Tired of staring at that clunky computer monitor in your office? Not sure what to do with it? No worries, our team can handle that for you! The specialists here at The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley will uphold EPA standards and put your old technology to good use, so that you don’t have to worry about it ending up in a local landfill. Continue reading to learn whether we can haul your e-waste!

  • Computers
  • Video game systems
  • Cell phones
  • Televisions
  • Monitors
  • And other electronics

Reach out to us today at 1-844-582-0958 or simply click below to schedule your free e-waste recycling estimate in Boise, ID and the surrounding areas in Ada County.

Job Stories From Boise, ID
Garage and Deck Cleanout - Boise, ID

Ed was cleaning out a bunch of stuff that he had acquired over the years.  It was time to get rid of it.  When he got a big load, he called The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley to remove them.  He had done his research and looked at our Google ratings as well as thought that our process of landfill diversion was a good thing.  While we couldn't keep everything out of the landfill, we kept most of it out!  Ed was pleased and we were very happy he called us! 

Garage and Deck Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 1Garage and Deck Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 2Garage and Deck Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 3Garage and Deck Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 4
Property Clean Up - Boise, ID

Karen wanted to get her property back in shape before winter.  She contacted The Junkluggers to help her out.  Much of the stuff had been sitting around outside and we went through it and separated out all the recyclable items and the trash.  We took the trash to the dump and recycled everything we possibly could! 

Property Clean Up - Boise, ID - Photo 1Property Clean Up - Boise, ID - Photo 2Property Clean Up - Boise, ID - Photo 3Property Clean Up - Boise, ID - Photo 4Property Clean Up - Boise, ID - Photo 5Property Clean Up - Boise, ID - Photo 6
Office Cleanout - Boise, ID

We had done some work for Monte about a year ago at his home in Kuna.  He contacted us telling us that he had some office furniture that he needed to get rid of from his business.  We had a great visit when we first met which was why he called us again.  We sent our truck out to remove some old desks and some faux trees.  He was able to make a little more space for his team and we helped make the process easy for him!  Thanks Monte!

Office Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 1Office Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 2Office Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 3Office Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 4
Relocation Junk Removal - Boise, ID

Kris contacted The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley because he and his wife were relocating for work.  They had a few items that they couldn't see the sense in taking with them.  They scheduled us the same time the movers were there packing up their belongings.  They had all the stuff out on the driveway right by the truck and we popped in there really quick and got them loaded up in our bright and shiny green truck and hauled them off!

Relocation Junk Removal - Boise, ID - Photo 1Relocation Junk Removal - Boise, ID - Photo 2Relocation Junk Removal - Boise, ID - Photo 3
Retail Cleanout - Boise, ID

Many retailers receive updated branding and new fixtures.  When that time comes it now becomes an issue to resolve yourself of the old fixtures.  That is where The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley come in!  You can give us a call and we will keep all the reusable items out of the landfill while getting your space ready for a facelift!  

Retail Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 1Retail Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 2Retail Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 3Retail Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 4Retail Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 5Retail Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 6
Retail Cleanup - Boise, ID

Recently a bookstore underwent a remodel.  They had planned to replace their flooring and their book cases that they used for their book store.  The project was supposed to take about a week. Unfortunately, the project took about 6 weeks because they ran into some trouble with the flooring.  They had The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley come out and help them remove their old book cases.  We were happy to jump in!  We got after it and got them hauled away. 


Call The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley to have your commercial space cleaned up!

Retail Cleanup - Boise, ID - Photo 1Retail Cleanup - Boise, ID - Photo 2Retail Cleanup - Boise, ID - Photo 3Retail Cleanup - Boise, ID - Photo 4Retail Cleanup - Boise, ID - Photo 5Retail Cleanup - Boise, ID - Photo 6
Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID

Sharon's sister had passed away and she had to come from out of state to deal with the estate.  Sharon reached out to The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley to help with the cleanup of her sisters residence.  She did her research and found out that we were focused on landfill diversion and that we would do everything in our power to keep her sisters items out of the landfill.  We did just that and kept the majority of her furniture out of the landfill!  we donated a bunch of her things to the Idaho Youth Ranch!


Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 1Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 2Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 3Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 4Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 5Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 6
Hot Tub Removal

This was one for the ages.  When we say there is no job too big or too small, we really mean it!  Our crew went well above and beyond to figure this one out.  The customer wanted the Hot Tub removed from their second story deck.  As the old adage goes, "what goes up, must come down" so we knew we could do it.  We ended up having to cut this one up to get it out safely as many of these are installed with some sort of a crane.  Just remember that The Junkluggers will find a way because we have the WILL!

Hot Tub Removal - Photo 1Hot Tub Removal - Photo 2Hot Tub Removal - Photo 3Hot Tub Removal - Photo 4Hot Tub Removal - Photo 5
Labor Only - Boise, ID

Roz came to us via a referral.  She was going through a major remodeling project on her home. The home was one that was her mothers and she had moved back home to care for her mother until her passing.  Ultimately she took over the home and has been the owner.  She decided that she wanted to have the house remodeled but wanted to keep many of her belongings.  She had The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley come over and move all of her items from the inside of her house to a storage POD while the remodel was taking place.  We can't wait to see the finished product!

Labor Only - Boise, ID - Photo 1Labor Only - Boise, ID - Photo 2Labor Only - Boise, ID - Photo 3Labor Only - Boise, ID - Photo 4Labor Only - Boise, ID - Photo 5Labor Only - Boise, ID - Photo 6
Basketball Hoop Removal

This was quite a job.  What looks to be pretty simple sometimes can be pretty complex.  The customer was trying to remove this basketball hoop on his own.  As you can see he dug around the base and he thought he could take a Sawzall and cut the post off where it met up with the concrete.  Little did he know that the post was filled with concrete..... YES.... whoever put this basketball hoop in wanted Shaq to be able to hang from the rim! 


Our crew got after it, and figured out a way to get it out of the ground.  We estimated that the entire thing weighed about 1,000 lbs.   

Basketball Hoop Removal - Photo 1Basketball Hoop Removal - Photo 2Basketball Hoop Removal - Photo 3Basketball Hoop Removal - Photo 4Basketball Hoop Removal - Photo 5
Retail Store Cleanout - Boise

The world is everchanging as we all know.  The world of business is no different and unfortunately that means that sometimes businesses ride off into the sunset.  We had the good fortune to help one of those customers that had been a Boise Icon especially when it came to Men's clothing.  Alexander Davis recently closed their doors in downtown Boise.  We were able to take all of their desks and fixtures from their location and donate them and help them find a new home in other retail locations.

Retail Store Cleanout - Boise - Photo 1Retail Store Cleanout - Boise - Photo 2Retail Store Cleanout - Boise - Photo 3Retail Store Cleanout - Boise - Photo 4Retail Store Cleanout - Boise - Photo 5
Junk Removal - Boise, ID

We recently had the opportunity to do some work for a new client in Boise.  She had some items that she was looking to replace, a kitchen table and some others that they simply no longer used or needed.  She had a couple of piles in her back yard along with table and chairs.  We were able to donate almost everything for her and sent her a receipt that same day from our donation run!

Junk Removal - Boise, ID - Photo 1Junk Removal - Boise, ID - Photo 2Junk Removal - Boise, ID - Photo 3Junk Removal - Boise, ID - Photo 4
Yard Cleanup - Boise, ID

We had the opportunity to help Cathy out.  Her husband had passed away about a year ago and she had a very big lot to care for.  She had several items that she wanted to get cleaned up, including an old riding lawn mower that hadn't moved in 20+ years.  We were able to move some things around for Cathy and remove the lawnmower along with an old trailer and an area where they used to keep their trash cans.  Cathy said she would be reaching out again when it was time to remove some items from insider her house and she was such a delight that we can't wait!

Yard Cleanup - Boise, ID - Photo 1Yard Cleanup - Boise, ID - Photo 2Yard Cleanup - Boise, ID - Photo 3Yard Cleanup - Boise, ID - Photo 4Yard Cleanup - Boise, ID - Photo 5Yard Cleanup - Boise, ID - Photo 6
Apartment Cleanout - Boise, ID

Many people live in many different types of conditions.  One thing I know is that we can help almost every single person, no matter what their situation might be.  This particular case is no different.  The property manager had a long time tenant that had rented this one bedroom apartment for many years.  She was a good tenant, didn't complain much and pretty much kept to herself.  Unfortunately she was getting up there in age and finally passed.  Her family was contacted and went through the contents of her apartment and took what they wanted but there was still a lot left over.  The property manager then called The Junkluggers to help out.  We came down on a Monday and gave a no obligation estimate, by Tuesday the client decided they were going to go with us after reviewing all the estimates they had gotten.  We scheduled it for Wednesday morning and showed up with two trucks and had the work done before noon that day.  Now the apartment is ready for renovation and to be rented again!  

Apartment Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 1Apartment Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 2Apartment Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 3Apartment Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 4Apartment Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 5Apartment Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 6Apartment Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 7Apartment Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 8Apartment Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 9
Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID

When the passing of a loved one occurs, it brings on a variety of emotions, tasks and work.  That is exactly what happened to Julie.  Julies mother had passed a few months prior and they were preparing to sell her home.  The home had the furniture that none of the family members needed or wanted.  Julie reached out to the Junkluggers to help get those items removed and donated.  Our team made quick work of the project, getting all the items out of the house and donated them all to a local nonprofit that was able to sell the items where they can live on.  


Julie had some very nice things to say about The Junkluggers, remarking how we do things to "avert the landfill and keep those keepsakes living through donation." 


Thanks Julie for allowing us to help!

Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 1Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 2Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 3Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 4
Construction Debris Cleanup - Boise, ID

We had a new client reach out to us to help them remove some construction debris.  They were remodeling a house that they were going to flip.  One might ask why they hired The Junkluggers and it was quite simple to the customer.  This allowed them to spend their time on projects or tasks that had a higher return and they had the equipment for.  They would have had to rent a trailer and use their labor to do the work they hired us to do.  It was a win-win!  

Now a little bit about the house, it had been built in the late 70's and the many folks that had lived there had made modifications to the original floor plan by adding walls and such.  The new owner had to revert and change some things as there were outlets that were behind sheetrock that a previous owner had installed.  It was a very fun and rewarding experience to work on this project and to be a small part of turning this property back to it's glory.  

Construction Debris Cleanup - Boise, ID - Photo 1Construction Debris Cleanup - Boise, ID - Photo 2Construction Debris Cleanup - Boise, ID - Photo 3Construction Debris Cleanup - Boise, ID - Photo 4
Furniture Hauling - Boise, ID

This customer was vacating their residence as they would be away for some time.  They had many items, some they wanted to get rid of and some they wanted to keep.  They asked our crew if we could help them by hauling the items they wanted to keep to a storage unit, we said "YES" of course!  So we loaded up the truck, put the donation items on first and the storage unit items on last, made the first stop at the storage unit and the last stop at the donation center and the customer was very happy with the work we did!

Furniture Hauling - Boise, ID - Photo 1Furniture Hauling - Boise, ID - Photo 2Furniture Hauling - Boise, ID - Photo 3Furniture Hauling - Boise, ID - Photo 4
Business Cleanout - Boise, ID

We had a customer contact us a with a huge problem.  They had a pile of of wooden pallets out in their yard and they needed to act quickly to get it cleaned up.  They had some visitors that were coming in to look at their newly remodeled plant the following week.  This was no small order as there were 200+ cubic yards of material that needed to be removed.  The Junkluggers sprung into action! Despite several days of snow, we were able to get all the wood and metal into 11 loads which almost all of it would be recycled and used for something else!  What a great project this was! We couldn't have done it without our outstanding and committed crew!

Business Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 1Business Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 2Business Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 3Business Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 4Business Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 5Business Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 6Business Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 7
Tree Removal - Boise, ID

We recently had a client that had a tree cut down in their yard.  The company that cut the tree down cut it up into fire place sized lengths but this tree was big and thriving and left a lot of branches behind.  The client spoke to many other Junk Hauling companies out there and ultimately settled on working with Junkluggers because of how we followed up with them on the opportunity and our availability in our schedule.  We were happy they did because we were able to see two Grey Horned Owl's sitting in a tree.  Can you see them both?  Look very very closely....

Tree Removal - Boise, ID - Photo 1Tree Removal - Boise, ID - Photo 2Tree Removal - Boise, ID - Photo 3Tree Removal - Boise, ID - Photo 4Tree Removal - Boise, ID - Photo 5
Apartment Cleanout - Boise, ID

Our customer had a tenant that left most of their belongings behind in their apartment.  They called the Junkluggers and we were over the following day to clean out the apartment.  We were able to donate almost all of the items, remove all the trash and other debris so the apartment could be deep cleaned and rented again.  Our customer was delighted with how quickly we were able to respond and help them get the property on the path to a new tenant.  

Apartment Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 1Apartment Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 2Apartment Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 3Apartment Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 4Apartment Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 5Apartment Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 6
Yard Cleanup - Boise, ID

Bill just relocated back to Boise from Minnesota after being gone for 20 years.  Being a busy professional makes it difficult to take care of some yard maintenance tasks.  Bill reached out to the Junkluggers to have the leaves cleaned up in his backyard and along side his house.  We were happy to take some of that work off his plate so he can spend his free time reacquainting himself with Boise.  

Yard Cleanup - Boise, ID - Photo 1Yard Cleanup - Boise, ID - Photo 2
Garage Cleanout - Boise, ID

We had the amazing pleasure of working with Terri from Boise. She had moved from a rental into her own condo a few months ago.  As one might guess she had to downsize due to the robust real-estate market in the Treasure Valley. She simply had many good things that were taking up space in her garage that she simply couldn't fit into her house. Some of the items were left by the previous owner and others were her own. All of her items were not worthy of the landfill and still had lots of life left in them. She called another Junk Removal company and when she found out they wouldn't donate the items to a charity she called the Junkluggers. When we told her that we would donate the items and send her a donation receipt for her taxes, she was "ALL IN" with the Junkluggers. Thanks Terri for you commitment to keep reusable items out of the landfill!

Garage Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 1
Deck Removal - Boise, ID

Jeff reached out to the Junkluggers because he needed a deck removed from an investment property that he had.  He had one of his employees start working on it but they had just become too busy to complete the job which led him to us.  We looked at the job and three days later we were onsite taking out the deck and we finished the job ahead of schedule.  We have a talented crew that works very hard to get things done!  Thanks for the opportunity Jeff!

Deck Removal - Boise, ID - Photo 1Deck Removal - Boise, ID - Photo 2Deck Removal - Boise, ID - Photo 3Deck Removal - Boise, ID - Photo 4
Furniture Removal Boise, ID

We had an awesome opportunity!  Don and his wife were getting some new living room furniture.  They contacted the Junkluggers because of our Eco-Friendly junk removal practices, specifically because they knew would donate the items.  We contacted one of our donation partners about the opportunity and sent them pictures and they asked us to bring it to their Boise store.  As soon as we had it loaded, we took it straight to the store, later that day we received an email from our donation partner thanking us for bringing them the furniture and they already had it out on their sales floor.  What a great match!  

Furniture Removal Boise, ID - Photo 1Furniture Removal Boise, ID - Photo 2Furniture Removal Boise, ID - Photo 3
Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID

We were contacted by one of our Donation partners, The Idaho Youth Ranch, about helping them collect items from an estate that was being cleaned out.  The house was being readied for sale and the belongings of the owners needed to be removed from the house.  Our luggers showed up on site and removed many of the larger items from the house along with items that had already been put in the garage. 

Many of these items had memories tied to them and it was a great honor to assist both the owner and the Idaho Youth Ranch with the project.  Through the collaboration of the owner, Idaho Youth Ranch and the Junkluggers, we all helped create a better outcome for children in Idaho.   

Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 1Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 2Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 3Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 4Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 5Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 6Estate Cleanout - Boise, ID - Photo 7
Furniture Removal Boise, ID

Lynn called upon The Junkluggers as he and his wife Diane were getting some new furniture.  They needed to have the old furniture removed from their house to make room for the new.  We arrived at Lynn and Diane's house and quickly loaded up a kitchen table, chairs, entertainment center and couch from inside the house onto the truck.  From there we were able to take these items and donate them to The Idaho Youth Ranch on behalf of Lynn and Diane.

Furniture Removal Boise, ID - Photo 1
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