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Moving Debris Cleanup - Eagle, ID

Moving Debris Cleanup - Eagle, ID

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Moving Debris Cleanup - Eagle, ID Moving Debris Cleanup - Eagle, ID

Ryan just bought a new home in Eagle and needed to have the moving debris hauled off.  He had unpacked his new home and had all the cardboard piled up on the back porch.  We loaded it up on the truck and took it to a cardboard recycler and kept all the material out of the landfill! 

Garage Cleanout Eagle, ID

Garage Cleanout Eagle, ID

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Garage Cleanout Eagle, ID Garage Cleanout Eagle, ID

Linda called The Junkluggers because she had just moved into her new house in Eagle and had some boxes and other debris left over in her garage.  She called our Appointment Center and got an idea for what it might cost to have the items removed and she was delightfully surprised when our team arrived and managed to condense the items into a much smaller space on the truck.  In the end she saved some money and all her items were recycled!

Appliance Pick Up - Eagle, ID

Appliance Pick Up - Eagle, ID

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Appliance Pick Up - Eagle, ID Appliance Pick Up - Eagle, ID

Do you need to get rid of old appliances?  Call the Junkluggers! We take them all if they are working or not!  We have relationships with some companies that can fix these appliances and keep them out of the landfill! 

Professional Estate Cleanout & Junk Removal in Eagle, ID

I have used the Junkluggers two times already!...
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Eagle’s go-to junk removal company

The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley is Eagle, ID’s reliable junk removal provider. We offer countless junk removal services, from appliance removal to entire estate cleanouts. There is truly no junk removal project too large or too small for our trained professionals. We are renowned for our efficiency, reliability, and commitment to sustainability. Check out the services we offer in the Eagle area:

  • Junk removal
  • Appliance removal
  • Attic, garage & basement cleanouts
  • Curbside junk pickup
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Commercial junk removal
  • E-waste recycling
  • Hoarding cleanouts
  • Labor only services
  • Storage unit cleanouts
  • Storm & disaster cleanup

Are you ready to start your junk removal project? Contact us today at 1-844-582-0958 or complete the provided form to schedule your free eco-friendly junk removal estimate. We are thrilled to serve Eagle, ID and the surrounding areas.

Appliance removal in Eagle

Appliances can be tricky to move. They are bulky, heavy and hard to maneuver on your own. The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley proudly serves homeowners by picking up old or unwanted appliances and disposing of them appropriately.

We even ensure that appliances are donated or recycled whenever possible. The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley makes it simple and easy for you to remove your old appliances without the hassle of doing it on your own.

Let The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley cover the hassle of removing your old appliances. Call today to book your free appliance removal estimate in Eagle.

E-waste recycling specialists serving Eagle

One of the trickiest things to discard is e-waste. This is because electronics contain toxic materials that will take up space and ultimately contaminate landfills. The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley makes e-waste disposal simple. Our team will put your old technology to good use and maintain EPA standards. Wondering if we’ll collect your e-waste? We haul the following items and more:

  • Computers
  • Video game systems
  • Cell phones
  • Televisions
  • Monitors
  • And other electronics

Give us a call today at 1-844-582-0958 or fill out the form below to finally get rid of that clunky computer monitor!

Reliable furniture removal services in Eagle

Furniture removal can be a real pain--literally! Not only do you have to carefully maneuver unwanted furniture through and out of your home, but then you have to figure out what to do with these items. Plus, you risk injury to yourself and anyone helping you if you improperly lift these potentially bulky items. Our luggers will seamlessly remove your unwanted furniture and even try to find new homes for these pieces.

You can count on The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley for your furniture removal project. Reach out to us today at 1-844-582-0958 or simply click below to schedule your free furniture pickup estimate in and around Eagle, ID.

Job Stories From Eagle, ID
Junk Removal - Eagle, ID

This particular customer had wide variety of things from their garage and side of their house. They reached out to The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley to see if we would be able to help them reclaim some of their space.  Of course we were able to help them out and got rid of many of their old items, giving them some space back!  

Junk Removal - Eagle, ID - Photo 1Junk Removal - Eagle, ID - Photo 2Junk Removal - Eagle, ID - Photo 3Junk Removal - Eagle, ID - Photo 4Junk Removal - Eagle, ID - Photo 5Junk Removal - Eagle, ID - Photo 6
Junk Removal - Eagle, ID

Kara saw one of our ads in a local publication.  She liked what she saw after doing her research so she decided to give us a call.  Our crew came out to her house as she had several items that she needed to have removed, including an old organ.  We got it all removed and found homes for all the collectable items while recycling some of the other items and then finally some had to go to the dump.  All in all it was a successful venture! 

Junk Removal - Eagle, ID - Photo 1Junk Removal - Eagle, ID - Photo 2Junk Removal - Eagle, ID - Photo 3Junk Removal - Eagle, ID - Photo 4Junk Removal - Eagle, ID - Photo 5Junk Removal - Eagle, ID - Photo 6Junk Removal - Eagle, ID - Photo 7Junk Removal - Eagle, ID - Photo 8
Rental Cleanout - Eagle, ID

Vickie came to us from a referral partner as they had a rental in Eagle that the previous tenant had left a lot of stuff in.  They were anxious to get it cleaned up and cleaned out so they could have new flooring and paint put on the walls which would allow them to get the property rented again.  It is in a great spot in Eagle and we were glad to be able to help out! Here are a couple of pictures of items we took out of the garage.

Rental Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 1Rental Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 2Rental Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 3Rental Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 4
Garage Cleanout - Eagle, ID

Linda is one of our favorite and most loyal customers.  We have been out to her house several times over the past 10 months.  She has had us out to help clean up her garage on almost every occasion.  She and her husband moved to Eagle a few years ago to be closer to their daughters (and their families) that live in Meridian.  Since the time we were first introduced to Linda, her husband has passed away and she has been through so much. 


The work we do for her doesn't equate to huge loads, rather they are small but meaningful for several reasons.  First she knows that she can trust us and we will do what we say we will do.  It also provides a great opportunity for us to catch up on what is going on in our personal settings and it provides her a way to keep her garage clean.  Linda cares about the fact that her items don't go to the dump and that they go to a new home that will care for them as she has. 


Never did we think that we would have the opportunity to interact with clients like Linda, let alone get to know them so deeply as we have her.  We are grateful for these opportunities and these customers!  Together we are making the world a little bit better!  

Garage Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 1Garage Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 2
Home and Garage Cleanout - Eagle, ID

Many times life deals some challenging blows.  The Junkluggers are here to help ease those times in any way that we can.  That was exactly the case for Tami.  Her family member was progressing in years and could no longer live in a residence without more consistent care.  She was having to be transitioned to a place where she would have closer supervision and the care she needed.  She did have several items in her apartment that were still in amazing shape and could be used by a non-profit to help generate revenue for their mission.  We were lucky to be a part of this process where we could donate the items on behalf of Tami's family member whose health was failing.  

Home and Garage Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 1Home and Garage Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 2Home and Garage Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 3Home and Garage Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 4
Cardboard Removal - Eagle, ID

Our mission at The Junkluggers is to keep reusable items out of the landfill.  We were extremely fortunate when these two jobs came together!  We had back to back jobs where both customers needed to have cardboard boxes removed.  Our crew was careful to remove all the Styrofoam from each job and bag it to be recycled on another run.  They they took all the cardboard to a local cardboard recycler and made it a win-win-win.  It isn't often when these things come together like this so we thought we ought to celebrate it!  Thank you to our customers for choosing The Junkluggers and not letting this cardboard go to the landfill!

Cardboard Removal - Eagle, ID - Photo 1Cardboard Removal - Eagle, ID - Photo 2Cardboard Removal - Eagle, ID - Photo 3
Estate Cleanout - Eagle, ID

When the home your elderly parents are living in becomes too much for them to deal with, you are faced with some tough decisions.  We are here to make those decisions and the process a bit easier.  Recently we were engaged to help this family remove these items from their parents home as the parents had transitioned to a senior living community.  We came out on a Friday afternoon to give an estimate and the client asked to move forward with the estimate.  We scheduled an appointment for Monday afternoon and sent two crews and two trucks.  Everything we had was donatable and we were able to divert all these fantastic items from the landfill where they will go on enrich the lives of many for years to come.

Estate Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 1Estate Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 2Estate Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 3Estate Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 4Estate Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 5Estate Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 6Estate Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 7Estate Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 8Estate Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 9Estate Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 10
Office Cleanout - Eagle, ID

Is your business relocating or getting new office furniture?  You can call the Junkluggers just like this customer did.  They were moving into a bigger office space as their business was expanding and they were adding head count to their operation in the Treasure Valley.  They called on The Junkluggers because they knew about our eco-friendly recycling practices.  We were able to find new homes for all the usable items this customer had!  Thank you so much!

Office Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 1Office Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 2Office Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 3Office Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 4Office Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 5Office Cleanout - Eagle, ID - Photo 6
Recycle Eagle, ID

Charles had been busy cleaning up his property.  He had accumulated several things that were either warn out or no longer needed.  Unfortunately not any of the items could be donated or repurposed.  They did however have some value in terms of recycling.  Charles got one of our coupons in the mail and called up the Junkluggers and quickly scheduled an appointment.  The Junkluggers got to his house, loaded up all the items he had and sorted out what could be recycled from what couldn't and took all the items away recycling most of the project and discarding only a few things.

Recycle Eagle, ID - Photo 1Recycle Eagle, ID - Photo 2Recycle Eagle, ID - Photo 3