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Garage Cleanout - Nampa, ID

Garage Cleanout - Nampa, ID

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Garage Cleanout - Nampa, ID Garage Cleanout - Nampa, ID

When it comes to Junk Hauling, there are a lot of choices.  We were lucky enough to work with Andrea in Nampa.  She recently moved to the area and she had used Junkluggers when she moved from her previous residence.  We are so grateful for these loyal customers!

Couch Removal - Nampa, ID

Couch Removal - Nampa, ID

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Couch Removal - Nampa, ID Couch Removal - Nampa, ID

Are you in need of furniture hauling?  This customer was getting a new couch and had one that was still in great shape with a ton of life left in it.  We were lucky enough to take this electric reclining couch off their hands and donate it to one of our fabulous donation partners!

Junk Removal - Nampa, ID

Junk Removal - Nampa, ID

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Junk Removal - Nampa, ID Junk Removal - Nampa, ID

Do you need to get some Junk removed from your house?  This customer did and they called the Junkluggers and we were out there the next day to do this job!

Reliable Appliance & Junk Removal in Nampa, ID

They were quick and fit me into their schedule the same day!...
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The Junkluggers helped me get rid of some items we had sitting around our house!
Testimonial by Marlene P. from Nampa, ID

Nampa’s go-to junk removal company

The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley is Nampa, ID’s reliable junk removal provider. We offer countless junk removal services, from appliance removal to entire estate cleanouts. There is truly no junk removal project too large or too small for our trained professionals. We are renowned for our efficiency, reliability, and commitment to sustainability. Check out the services we offer in the Nampa area:

  • Junk removal
  • Appliance removal
  • Attic, garage & basement cleanouts
  • Curbside junk pickup
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Commercial junk removal
  • E-waste recycling
  • Hoarding cleanouts
  • Labor only services
  • Storage unit cleanouts
  • Storm & disaster cleanup

Are you ready to start your junk removal project? Contact us today at 1-844-582-0958 or complete the provided form to schedule your free eco-friendly junk removal estimate. We are thrilled to serve Nampa, ID and the surrounding areas.

Appliance removal in Nampa

Appliances can be tricky to move. They are bulky, heavy and hard to maneuver on your own. The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley proudly serves homeowners by picking up old or unwanted appliances and disposing of them appropriately.

We even ensure that appliances are donated or recycled whenever possible. The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley makes it simple and easy for you to remove your old appliances without the hassle of doing it on your own.

Let The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley cover the hassle of removing your old appliances. Call today to book your free appliance removal estimate in Nampa.

E-waste recycling specialists serving Nampa

One of the trickiest things to discard is e-waste. This is because electronics contain toxic materials that will take up space and ultimately contaminate landfills. The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley makes e-waste disposal simple. Our team will put your old technology to good use and maintain EPA standards. Wondering if we’ll collect your e-waste? We haul the following items and more:

  • Computers
  • Video game systems
  • Cell phones
  • Televisions
  • Monitors
  • And other electronics

Give us a call today at 1-844-582-0958 or fill out the form below to finally get rid of that clunky computer monitor!

Reliable furniture removal services in Nampa

Furniture removal can be a real pain--literally! Not only do you have to carefully maneuver unwanted furniture through and out of your home, but then you have to figure out what to do with these items. Plus, you risk injury to yourself and anyone helping you if you improperly lift these potentially bulky items. Our luggers will seamlessly remove your unwanted furniture and even try to find new homes for these pieces.

You can count on The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley for your furniture removal project. Reach out to us today at 1-844-582-0958 or simply click below to schedule your free furniture pickup estimate in and around Nampa, ID.

Job Stories From Nampa, ID
Labor Only - Nampa, ID

Rick is 82 years old and lives in a lovely new subdivision in Nampa.  He happens to be neighbors with his son and they have a beautiful back yard. The unfortunate part about Rick's situation is that he is older and his balance isn't what it used to be.  his son has some back issues so he isn't able to help Rick out either.  Rick called The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley to see if we could help him with his weed problem.  Of course we said "YES" but Rick wanted the weeds gone but also more of a permanent solution.  We took that opportunity to refer one of our partners Jon Colson and Jon was coming out a few days later to look at the situation and offer some solutions to Rick to be more permanent.  It feels great to help a customer for the long term!

Labor Only - Nampa, ID - Photo 1Labor Only - Nampa, ID - Photo 2Labor Only - Nampa, ID - Photo 3Labor Only - Nampa, ID - Photo 4
Office Cleanout - Nampa, ID

This customer was looking to utilize some of their office space better. They had 6 cubicles and desks set up on a small office space that they hadn't used for some time.  They called The Junkluggers of Treasure Valley to help them get rid of the desks and cubicles so they could reclaim their space!

Office Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 1Office Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 2Office Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 3Office Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 4
Estate Cleanout - Nampa, ID

Sometimes you have a need to move and in this case this customer was moving from Nampa to Nashville!  They would be moving into a smaller home so they didn't want to move a bunch of unnecessary items that they would then have to discard once they got to their final destination.  Their home had already sold and they would be closing at the end of the week.  They called the Junkluggers to have have us come by and pick up those items that they wouldn't be taking with them to TN.  They had a lot of good items that we were able to donate and then they had some trash from cleaning the inside of the house that would have to be hauled off to the landfill.  Most importantly we were able to take a few flags and bring them to the American Legion for proper disposal.

Estate Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 1Estate Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 2Estate Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 3Estate Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 4Estate Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 5Estate Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 6Estate Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 7Estate Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 8Estate Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 9Estate Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 10
Relocation Cleanout - Nampa, ID

Robert was getting ready to put his home on the market.  He was preparing to relocate to Ohio which would allow him to be closer to family and his grandkids.  He had several items that he wanted to have removed to make his house show a little bit better.  He was eager to get it on the market and get an acceptable offer so that he could begin the moving process.  

Relocation Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 1Relocation Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 2Relocation Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 3Relocation Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 4Relocation Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 5Relocation Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 6
Property Cleanup - Nampa, ID

This customer had recently closed on the purchase of their new home out in the country on 2.5 acres of breathtaking property.  They had visions of what this property could look like and they wanted to do their part to make this home everything they thought country living could be.  There were piles of discarded items that the previous owner had attempted to burn or simply just left behind.  We were able to come out and help the new owners reclaim the space so they could make it "their own". 

Property Cleanup - Nampa, ID - Photo 1Property Cleanup - Nampa, ID - Photo 2Property Cleanup - Nampa, ID - Photo 3Property Cleanup - Nampa, ID - Photo 4Property Cleanup - Nampa, ID - Photo 5Property Cleanup - Nampa, ID - Photo 6Property Cleanup - Nampa, ID - Photo 7
Junk Removal - Nampa, ID

Rebecca lives in an unincorporated part of Nampa.  Consequently she doesn't have trash service at her home.  Her husband had been out of the area for some time and the trash had been piling up.  She called upon the Junkluggers to help with her trash hauling and removal.  We were happy to help her "spruce up" her place! 

Junk Removal - Nampa, ID - Photo 1
Furniture Removal - Nampa, ID

Marcella had a couch that was broken and was no longer usable. She also had several items in her garage that had been stacking up for the two years that she and her daughter had been living in this house. When we arrived on site, she asked if we could remove her dryer as it had stopped working the day before. One of our luggers took a quick look at the dryer and was able to get the dryer operating again for the customer. She had some old rugs, a chair and some other items that we were able to donate on her behalf. 

We love to help our customers! 

Furniture Removal - Nampa, ID - Photo 1
Yard Cleanout - Nampa, ID

There was a pile of debris from many months of cleaning up the outside of the property.  There were sticks, tree limbs and branches from the many trees on the property.  The homeowners dog had been wondering about the property and ultimately became trapped in the pile of debris.  The Junkluggers were called upon to come to this house and remove all the items thus removing the hazard from the puppy.  We were happy to help this puppy enjoy the freedom of his yard without having to worry about getting trapped in this debris.  

Yard Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 1Yard Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 2Yard Cleanout - Nampa, ID - Photo 3
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